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Dragon Palace with the best Chinese buffet in Bathgate, is a smash hit with locals. It provides a great dining experience with its elegant interior and aromatic dishes. Get ready to pile your plate high and enjoy all your favourites, prepared with the freshest ingredients.

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top favourites

Beef Curry

Our slow-cooked Thai beef Curry is absolutely delicious. The beef is simmered in a flavorful coconut curry broth until super tender.

Curry Dishes

The curry dishes we serve will blow your mind with their heady flavours. From chicken curry to shrimp, lamb, and vegetable curry, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Chow Mein

Our great-tasting Chow Mein is always a crowd favorite. It is stuffed with fresh vegetables, classic chow mein noodles, and the best homemade sauce.

Kung Po Dishes

A delicious stir-fried Chinese chicken dish loaded with chunky veggies and cashew nuts, coated in a homemade scrumptious sauce.

Satay Dishes

Our satisfying satay dishes are definitely a family favourite, marinated in authentic seasoning and simmered in a heady peanut sauce.

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The quality of our products is our top priority. We are proud to use locally sourced ingredients and take great care to ensure our sweets are produced to the very highest of standards


All our products are always prepared daily. With our super fast and contact-free delivery service, you will get your order delivered right to your doorstep safely and fresh


Our creative team are dedicated to delivering a rich and flavourful taste to the customer. The result is amazing sweets that offer a winning combination of taste, appearance and quality

About Dragon Palace

Welcome to the ultimate Chinese experience at our online food ordering website, which supports delivery and collection. We are ready to serve you an endless variety of authentic Chinese foods such as stir-fried Kung Po chicken, homemade beef Chow Mein and Roasted Pork with a kick of a Lemon.

Whether you're after a pre-dinner snack or a stomach-satisfying meal, we have the foods you're hankering after. Just ask any local in Bathgate ‘Where is the best Chinese restaurant near me?’, you will definitely hear the name ‘Dragon Palace’.

With Chinese cooking at its core, our cosy restaurant offers a wide range of influences on the table, from savoury Peking & Mongolian food to slow-cooked Thai Curry dishes. Try one and you'll be back for more.

Feel free to call us at 01506632211 and order over the phone.

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